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Once a product is developed, effectively product launch becomes the critical step to its success. The Product Launch Process must address all the steps necessary to start volume production, plan and execute marketing activities, develop needed documentation, train sales and support personnel (internal and external), fill channels, and prepare to install and support the product. Product Launch activities are described in more detail in our Product Launch page.


An improved product launch process results in faster time-to-market and time-to-profit. Activities are better planned and coordinated and more tightly integrated. System data requirements are better understood, and systems may be better integrated. he result is better production ramp-up, more effective marketing, a sales force better prepared to begin selling the new product, and a service and support group better able to service and support th new product, leading to greater customer acceptance.

Our Approach
We can assist in fine-tuning and improving the product launch process by performing the following activities.

1. Review current product launch process. Identify needed activities, deliverables and system requirements (inputs and outputs). Determine organizational responsibilities and interfaces. Identify issues and goals. Our Product Development and Best Practices Assessment provides a framework for this review. Activities covered in our review include:
Testing, qualification and certification
Pilot production and process prove-out
* Forecasting and ERP set-up
* Vendor qualification
* Product and service manuals
* Package design
* Marketing and advertising program design and execution
* Market testing
* Sales and distribution planning
* Sales, support and service training
* Spare parts planning and logistics
2. Develop improved process. Based on understanding the current process and process goals, we would work with a team of your people to develop an improved process. The process improvements would be defined in terms of activities, process outputs or deliverables, responsibilities, and gate review and design review (e.g., production readiness review, etc.) requirements. Our PD-Trak tools may provide an improved means to document and control this process.
3. Integrate organization. In addition to identifying and improved process flow and activity definition, we have found that a common problem is the need for improved organizational integration within the product team responsible for development. We would determine responsibilities, identify organizational impediments, suggest changes, and facilitate team launch activities.
4. Determine system integration requirements. Product data management (PDM) system tools provide a repository for product data during development. As a product moves into production, much of this data needs to be made available to Manufacturing and systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Our expertise with PDM and ERP, enables us to identify how and when data should be established in an ERP system and consider any system integration opportunities. We can also address opportunities to move from a more limited PDM system to a broader Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system approach. In addition, technical data needs to be used to create product documentation, marketing materials, sales and support training materials with technical publications and authoring systems. Our working relationship with the Time-to- Performance Group provides the expertise to evaluate and improve technical and marketing document management systems.
5. Develop plan templates. Based on the revised process and organization approach, we would develop a standard launch planning approach and planning templates using tools such as PD-Trak, MS Word and MS Project.
6. Deploy improved process and tools. After these improved processes and tools were developed, we would begin by piloting them on a new product about to be launched. This approach would prove-out the process and tools, gathering valuable experience, and identify any issues that need to be addressed or improved before full deployment. Once the pilot was satisfactorily completed, we would develop a plan for full deployment, provide required training, and, if desired, manage the implementation of the new process.
7. Develop product launch plans. We can also assist with developing product launch plans through either facilitating discussions or developing draft plans for review. We can provide marketing and advertising experts from our associated firms to help in those areas as well.

* A product launch plan has been prepared covering all activities to be performed by Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Product Support, and Field Service.
* Functional departments understand their responsibilities for launch activities.
* Functional departments have commited the necessary resources to support launch activities.
* The launch activities are on track to be completed as currently planned.
* A Production Readiness Review, Product Launch Review or related gate review confirms that all preparations have been completed and the product is ready to launch.

* Product performance has been evaluated through testing and qualification and the product meets its defined requirements.
* The product and the production process have been qualified or validated and all regulatory approvals and/or certifications have been obtained.
* All product design documentation has been completed and approved.
* The product documentation is under configuration control.
* Technical data sheets have been prepared.
* User documentation, operating manuals and maintenance instructions have been completed.
* Engineering personnel stand ready to address any issues that arise.

* Required manufacturing process documentation or outputs (e.g., work instructions, CNC programs, manning plans, etc. are complete.
* Production processes have been proven using either pilot production lines or actual production lines.
* Production workers have been trained or training is planned to support initiation of production.
* The product and demand forecast data has been established in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and ERP is used to plan and manage the supply chain and production.
* All suppliers have been selected and qualified.
* Needed materials and parts are on-order or in stock.
* Adequate capacity and personnel exist to support planned production.
* The distribution pipeline is filled with the appropriate level of product.

Marketing and Sales

* Market receptivity has been evaluated by key customer feedback, focus groups, test markets, or beta tests prior to launch.
* If the product is being used by beta customers, testimonials or case studies have been prepared.
* A promotion and advertising plan has been developed.
* Advertising copy has been developed and media contracts and arrangements have been made.
* Promotional materials and sales literature have been developed, ordered, and are ready to distribute.
* Sales and distribution channels have been identified and established.
* Sales personnel have been trained.
* Sales personnel have the needed sales literature, sales support material and product samples.
* Product pricing has been established and approved.
* Final packaging has been designed, approved and ordered.
* The sales forecast has been updated based on the latest forecast of market demand.
* The website has been updated.
* Press releases have been prepared and are ready to distrbute.
* Industry analysts or other influential personnel have been briefed as planned.
* A product release and/or general availability has been announced.

Product Support
* Necessary support resources are hired and in place.
* Service and support personnel have been trained or a phased training program is underway.
* Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) have been identified and responses prepared.
* Troubleshooting guides, installation guides, and service manuals have been prepared.
* Spare part requirements have been planned.

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